FAO in Nepal

FAO Nepal contributes to promotion of organic farming in Karnali Province

​FAOR visits the potato farm at Laligurans Farmers Field School of Chinghad Municipality ​in Surkhet district​.​

In line with the “Organic Karnali” vision of the Provincial Government, FAO Nepal is contributing to enhancing the livelihoods of local communities in Karnali Province by promoting organic farming, ensuring food security, promoting cash crops and increased incomes. The project "Strengthening capacity of public & private sectors on organic agriculture in Karnali" has established Farmer Field Schools (FFS) to support organic farming practices, sustainable cultivation, composting, using bio-fertilizers, harvesting and grading through provision of technical support to the farmers from Jumla, Mugu, Dailekh and Surkhet districts of Karnali Province.

Ken Shimizu, FAO Representative in Nepal visited the project site at Laligurans Farmers Field School (FFS) of Chingad Municipality in Surkhet and exchanged views with the farmers on issues related to agro production, knowledge enhancement, sustainable production, food security, income generation and other opportunities created through the Farmers Field School. He thanked the farmers group for the productive engagement, knowledge sharing, and for their hospitality.