FAO Liaison Office with the United Nations in New York

Press briefing from New York: FAO Chief Economist to present report on Ukraine and Russia, global agricultural markets, and the risks associated with the current conflict

Hybrid Event, 16/03/2022

16 March | 12:00 PM (EST)

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FAO has been rapidly scaling up its efforts to respond to urgent food security needs resulting from the unfolding war in Ukraine, focusing initially on livelihood-saving interventions for the most vulnerable smallholder farmers.  

The conflict is not only affecting food security in the country, but also forcing massive displacement, with likely serious impacts to food production and agriculture-based livelihoods, a key source of income in rural areas of Ukraine. Against this backdrop, FAO is seeking urgent support to mobilize at least USD 50 million to assist up to 240 000 most vulnerable rural men and women in the next three months and address the most pressing and urgent needs of rural communities.

Beyond responding to the immediate humanitarian needs on the ground, FAO has also been sounding the alarms on the core areas of risk associated with the escalation and continuation on the conflict, with far-reaching impacts on global food and agricultural input markets, in turn adding pressure to an already dire food insecurity the world is witnessing. Population displacement, damage to agricultural infrastructure, lack of affordable agricultural inputs, and disruption to markets and food supply chains are likely to impact food security in both the short and longer term. These and other topics are the focus of the latest FAO report 'The importance of Ukraine and the Russian Federation for global agricultural markets and the risks associated with the current conflict'.

Join tomorrow's noon press briefing hosted by the Spokesperson of the Secretary-General, during which the FAO Chief Economist, Máximo Torero, will present the report and its main findings and policy recommendations moving forward.

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