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Photo: ©FAO/Giuseppe Carotenuto
Innovative solutions in agri-food systems helped contain disruptions in food supply chains during the COVID-19 pandemic, and more of both will be required as the crisis continues and the work of recovery begins to “build back better and build back greener”, FAO’s Director-General QU Dongyu said today.
Photo: ©FAO/Michael Tewelde
A locust fighting force assembled by countries in East Africa to combat an invasion of the crop-devouring pest is at risk of seeing its activities grind to a halt as funding to sustain its operations dries up, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) warned today.
Photo: ©FAO/Benedicte Kurzen Noor
Maria Helena Semedo, FAO Deputy-Director General, explains FAO’s work on biodiversity, and on protecting our planet, including combating climate change.
Photo: ©FAO/Luis Tato
Globally, the number of outbreaks of Peste des petits ruminants (PPR), also known as sheep and goat plague, fell by two-thirds in recent years, showing the commitment of the international community to combatting this highly contagious animal disease and raising hopes for meeting the goal of global eradication by 2030.
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Small cities and towns and the rural areas they influence –defined as their catchment areas– play an outsized role in the way people pursue their livelihoods, says “Global mapping of urban-rural catchment areas reveals unequal access to services”, a new FAO paper published by PNAS.
Photo: ©FAO/Giulio Napolitano
The Director-General welcomed the establishment by France and Germany of a High Expert Council on One Health and the PREZODE initiative, saying it embodies a “global collaborative approach that could play a leading role in the science that drives our decisions and actions at every level.”
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The Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), QU Dongyu, today appealed for an urgent scale-up of Africa’s Great Green Wall initiative to restore degraded land, create jobs and address climate change.
Photo: ©FAO/Alessandra Benedetti
The FAO Food Price Index averaged 107.5 points in December, 2.2 percent higher than in November. Over the whole of 2020, the benchmark index averaged 97.9 points, a three-year high and a 3.1 percent increase from 2019 although still more than 25 percent below its historical 2011 peak.
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