Zero Hunger can be done by fusing social protection with pro-poor investments
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10 July 2015, Rome--- According to a new report released by the UN’s Rome based Food Agencies today, eradicating world hunger sustainably by 2030 will require an estimated $267 billion dollars a year going forward. Investments in rural and urban areas are being emphasized, as well as social protection measures. The report notes that despite the progress made in recent decades, today 800 million people, most of them in rural areas, still do not have enough food to eat. Prepared by FAO, the International Fund for Agriculture Development and the World Food Programme, this new report has been released just days before the Third International Conference on Financing for Development in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 13-16 July.

Excerpts from the Press Conference for the launch of the report: (00:00) José Graziano da Silva, FAO Director-General; (05:47) Ertharin Cousin, WFP Executive Director; (15:56) Josefina Stubbs, IFAD Associate Vice-President.
22min. 35sec.

Presentation of the report by Jomo Sundaram, Assistant Director-General, Coordinator for Economic and Social Development.
10min. 32sec.

Questions and answers.
37min. 11sec.

Lorenzo Bellu is a Senior Economist with FAO and Head of the organizations Global Perspective Studies Unit. In the following interview he elaborates on solutions proposed in the report. (Interview conducted by Sandra Ferrari)
5min. 58sec.
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