FULL Intw | Excerpt in TZH 04 | Saúl Cepeda
FAO/Benjamin Rasmussen
In the fourth episode of TARGET: Zero Hunger we walk you through some fertile ground by digging into the ideas and perceptions concerning one of our world’s most powerful super foods. We explore why pulses have become an orphan crop and we’ll talk to some of the people trying hard to change that. Next month FAO will be releasing a new book about pulses to mark the international year. With the support of well-known food journalists Luis Cepeda and his son Saúl Cepeda of Spain.

Sandra Ferrari spoke to Saúl Cepeda about his thoughts on the relevance of pulses in today’s modern diet.
6min. 08sec.
Topic(s): Agriculture & crops, Hunger & food insecurity, Plants
Produced by: FAO
Reference: 11656