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مقاطع إذاعية
UN report: As hunger rises, does Zero Hunger remain achievable?
@FAO/Pier Paolo Cito / FAO
The number of hungry people worldwide continues to rise, according to the latest report on the State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World. The joint report by UN agencies gauges whether the Sustainable Development Goal of Zero Hunger remains achievable. To learn more we’re joined by FAO’s Chief Economist Maximo Torero via Zoom.

Interview: Charlotta Lomas, FAO.
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الموضوع: SDGs, Zero Hunger, إنتاج الغذاء \ الأزمات, الجوع وانعدام الأمن الغذائي, تغذية
ن إنتاج: Charlotta Lomas
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