مقاطع إذاعية
مقاطع إذاعية
Jiwanka lagi Swasthye (Health for Life)
©FAO/Atul Loke
9 December 2016--- The 37th episode of the Health for Life program focuses on the importance of pulses and grains in our lives. How much pulse grain food materials are available in Kapilvastu district? What is the situation of malnutrition? What is the condition of production in this district? What is the public understanding about that? On this topic, the Crop Development Officer Mr. Arbinda Mani Tripathi gives his view.

Community radio station 104.2 MHz Kapilavastu, Nepal. (in local language: Nepali)
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الموضوع: إنتاج الغذاء وأرصدته, الأمن الغذائي, تنوع بيولوجي, زراعة ومحاصيل
ن إنتاج: AMARC-FAO
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