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مقاطع إذاعية
FAO Awards recognize contributions to global food security
15 June 2013, Rome-- The 38th FAO Conference Awards ceremony honours the outstanding contributions of individuals and institutions to global food security. Recipients for the five FAO Awards, B.R. Sen Award, A.H Boerma Award, Edouard Saouma Award, Jacques Diouf Award and the Margarita Lizárraga Medal, include three FAO field officers, four institutions and a team of journalists.

Ms Lucy Lamble, global development editor, The Guardian Development for the A.H. Boerma Award.
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by Mr David K. Mbugua, Director of Kenya Forest Service for the Edouard Saouma Award.
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الموضوع: المؤتمر- المجلس, الأمن الغذائي, الجوع وانعدام الأمن الغذائي
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