Global leaders commit to act on antimicrobial resistance
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21 September 2016, Rome--- Global leaders are meeting today at the UN’s General Assembly in New York to discuss what is being called one of the biggest threats to global health - Antimicrobial resistance or AMR for short. This is only the fourth time in the history of the General Assembly that the UN will discuss a health topic. Previous high-level meetings included how to tackle large scale epidemics such as HIV, non- communicable diseases, and Ebola. AMR refers to the ability of disease causing micro-organisms to survive the use of antimicrobial treatments, which they were previously unable to do. According to the UN this is a serious threat to both human health and that of our animals.

Dr. Juan Lubroth, Senior Veterinary Officer for FAO, elaborates a bit further on the issue. (Interview conducted by Sandra Ferrari)
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