Food security of 800,000 Haitians seriously threatened after passage of Hurricane Matthew
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24 October 2016, Port-au-Prince/Rome --- It has been just over two weeks now since Haiti, the Caribbean’s second most populous country, was hit by hurricane Matthew. This was a category-4 hurricane, making it the most power storm to hit the country in over 50 years. High winds and torrential rains have left several hundred dead and over a million people in desperate need of humanitarian aid. Today, Haiti’s National Coordination for Food Security, the World Food Programme (WFP) and the UN’s Food and Agriculture (FAO) have released their food security assessment for the country.

Gianluca Gondolini, FAO’s Programme Coordinator, based in Haiti, but currently in Rome to brief colleagues at FAO headquarters, tells more about the current situation in Haiti. (Interview conducted by Sandra Ferrari)
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