Europe, Central Asia not without nutrition woes
©FAO/Olivier Thuillier
1 April 2014, Bucharest – Taken as a whole and looking strictly at caloric intake, the 53-country Europe and Central Asia region could approach hunger-free status in the next few years. However, a closer look reveals serious and even debilitating nutrition problems in many of the countries today. This is the picture painted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), on the eve of its biennial Regional Conference for Europe starting today in Bucharest, Romania. High level ministers and delegates are set to attend the conference this week, focusing on discussions around agricultural policy and food security in the region.

Raimund Jehle is a Senior Field Programme Officer in FAO’s Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia. In the following interview he elaborates more on the state of food and agriculture in the region.
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Topic(s): Agriculture & crops, Conference-Council, Food Security, Hunger & food insecurity
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