Family Farming: Regional Perspective from Near East and North Africa
4 March 2013, Rome - The International Year of Family Farming was launched as part of a global campaign to reinforce awareness and support for small scale and family farmers around the world. The move to focus on family farmers for the international year was driven by strong advocacy from civil society, mainly the World Rural Forum. According to FAO, the contributions of these important agricultural producers is critical to the fight against hunger and malnutrition. Both in developing and developed countries, family farming is the predominant form of agriculture in the food production sector.

Benoit Horemans is the FAO’s representative in Tunis and Coordinator of the Sub-regional office for North Africa. In the following interview he explains the importance of small scale and family farming in the region, as well as the particular challenges being faced by these farmers in North Africa and the Near East.
5min. 40sec.
Topic(s): Agriculture & crops, Food Security, Rural or agricultural development
Produced by: Sandra Ferrari
Reference: 10385