Agriculture officials condemn unnecessary loss and waste of good food
FAO/Olivier Thuillier
3 April 2014, Bucharest-- A round-table session of agriculture Ministers from across Europe and Central Asia, took place in Bucharest today as part of the biennial Regional Conference of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Experts and Ministers concluded that as populations expand and food requirements continue to rise, the world cannot afford to continue squandering one third of total agricultural production. Coordinated and forceful actions are called for, according to conference attendees, and the private sector will need to take the lead. In a paper prepared for the session, FAO examined food losses and waste in the region, comparing low-, middle- and high-income countries, as well as looking at seven different supply chains, including: dairy, fish, meat, fruits and vegetables, oil crops and pulses, roots and tubers, and cereals.

Stjepan Tanic is an Economist in FAO’s Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia. In the following interview he elaborates of the issues around food loss and waste in the region.
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