7th World Water Forum: Better policies and more investments needed
©FAO/Rosetta Messori
14 April, Rome/Daegeu--- Water will be a top issue this week for many. Governments and experts from approximately 200 nations worldwide, are expected to attend the 7th World Water Forum taking place in Daegue, Korea from April 12 to 17. The program for the Expo will address water challenges and issues around the world, as well as invite leaders and decision makers to explore solutions to water problems and push for political actions. The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Water Forum have released a joint brief for policy makers working towards a water and food secure future.

Olcay Unver is the head of FAO’s delegation at the World Water Forum. In the following interview he will elaborate further about the future of water as it relates to food supply and what is expected from this week. (interview conducted by Sandra Ferrari)
4min. 09sec.
Topic(s): Environment/Natural resources, Food Security, Rural or agricultural development, Water & Irrigation
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