SOFA launch: Expanding social protection offers a faster track to ending hunger
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13 October 2015, Rome--- Social protection is emerging as a critical tool in the drive to eradicate hunger, yet the vast majority of the world’s rural poor are yet to be covered. The State of Food and Agriculture 2015 published by FAO today finds that in poor countries, social protection schemes – such as cash transfers, school feeding and public works – offer an economical way to provide vulnerable people with opportunities to move out of extreme poverty and hunger and to improve their children’s health, education and life chances. The report was released on the eve of World Food Day (16 October), whose focus is on social protection’s role in breaking the cycle of rural poverty.

FAO Director-General, José Graziano da Silva, at the Press conference for the launch of SOFA 2015.
11min. 44sec.

Presentation of the report by Jomo Kwame Sundaram, Assistant Director-General, Coordinator for Economic and Social Development.
9min. 58sec.

Questions and answers from the Press conference.
20min. 21sec.

Rob Vos, Director of the Social Protection Division of FAO in Rome, elaborates more on this year's theme “Social Protection and agriculture: breaking the cycle of rural poverty”. Interview conducted by Sandra Ferrari.
5min. 14sec.
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