TZH 05: Additional Interviews with EMBRAPA, ACBP, UEMS
©FAO/Olivier Thuillier
14 April 2016--- In this week’s episode of TARGET: Zero Hunger we take you into Brazil’s unique Pantanal region to explore what conserving the genetic heritage of one local animal breed means for this special ecosystem, for local culture and traditions --- and for food security on an increasingly harsher planet.

Professor Dirce Luz, UEMS, Brazil – full recording. (Portuguese)
05min. 03sec.

Pantaneiro Farmer Marcos Ruiz, Brazil – full recording. (Portuguese)
12min. 10sec.

Thomas Horton, Associação de Criadores de Bovino Pantaneiro, Brazil – full recording. (Portuguese)
09min. 03sec.

Raquel Soares Juliano, EMBRAPA, Brazil – full recording. (Portuguese)
04min. 34sec.
Topic(s): Animals & livestock, Biodiversity, Environment/Natural resources
Produced by: FAO
Reference: 11677