FAO Podcast - Fighting child labour through education
 ©FAO/Tang Chhin Sothy.
Tonle Sap Lake in northeast Cambodia is one of the most productive inland fishing waters in the world, due to flooding and monsoon. Fisheries are the backbone of country’s economy, with Tonle Sap contributing over half of the country’s fish production. Yet the lake’s 4.8 million residents are some of the poorest in Asia. Many depend heavily on fish and rice for their livelihoods and have to send their children to work rather than school, in order to survive. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is working with the government and partners to get children back to school.

Producers: Charlotta Lomas, Anais Hotin, Marina Sánchez Castelo, Chann Tet, Sophana Sim, Panos Pictures. Presenter: Charlotta Lomas, FAO.
7min. 48sec.
Topic(s): Fisheries & aquaculture, Food Security, Rural or agricultural development
Produced by: Charlotta Lomas, Anais Hotin, Marina Sánchez Castelo, Panos Pictures.
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