Podcast: OBJETIVO Hambre cero

OBJETIVO Hambre cero es un podcast dedicado a la enorme cadena que abarca la seguridad alementaria en el mundo. Voces expertas en agricultura, alimentación, nutrición, pesca, bósques, cambio climático y más debaten y exploran sobre el impacto de estos temas en nuestro planeta y nuestras vidas. Escúchelo en Soundcloud, iTunes y Stitcher.

In this first episode of Target: Zero Hunger, we'll explore FAO’s work in emergencies and what it takes to help families produce food in some of the most difficult crisis regions in [...]
A podcast exploring the food security challenges and solutions of our time. Brought to you by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations.
In this final installment of our four-part miniseries of agriculture and sustainability we focus on one of the most important issues facing agriculture and the sustainability of our food systems: climate [...]
In today's episode, we focus on the role of youth in building the agriculture and food systems of the future. Why is involving youth in agriculture so important now and [...]
In last week's episode, we explored the nature of sustainable food production and how food factors into the UN's new Sustainable Development Goal. This week we look at the role that [...]

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