IFAJ and FAO announce award for excellence in global food security reporting

The International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ) and FAO have announced the creation of an annual award for excellence in global food security reporting.

Each year a theme will be chosen under the broad heading of global food security. Anticipated topics include food production, food safety, food waste, agriculture and land use, under nutrition and malnutrition, and food affordability, among others.

The annual theme will reflect the topic of the United Nations' International Years when they are related to agriculture and/or the World Food Day theme.


Journalists from IFAJ member guilds in good standing are eligible to enter.

Print, broadcast and electronic media submissions are welcome.

Submissions may be a single story or a series.

One entry per guild is allowed. Guilds are to hold their own selection process.

One entry per member is allowed.

Stories must have been published or broadcast between (and including) 1 January and 31 December 2015.

Stories may be written by individuals or teams, but only one prize will be given per team.

Deadline for entries is 1 March 2016.

Entry fee

There is no entry fee.

Judging criteria

  • Content and style 50 percent
  • Presentation 50 percent 

Entries will be judged by three officials (one from FAO and two from IFAJ).


The contest winner will receive all-expenses paid trips to:

  • The annual IFAJ congress
  • An FAO project related to the UN's International Years
  • The winner will be recognized at the annual IFAJ congress.

Two honourable mentions will be made. No prizes will be awarded for these designations.

Submission procedure

Submissions are to be made electronically to IFAJ.

All submissions will be translated into English by FAO.

The winner and honourable mention winners give IFAJ and FAO the right to re-publish or re-broadcast their submissions.


The first award will apply to work published during 2015. The first presentation of the award prize will be at the IFAJ Congress in Germany in July 2016.

Photo: ©FAO/Filipe Branquinho
Woman working at the rice field - Maganja da Costa, Mozambique.