Patrick Vieira named FAO Goodwill Ambassador

Manchester City midfielder to campaign against world hunger

11 May 2010, Rome – Fao has appointed international soccer star Patrick Vieira as a Goodwill Ambassador to speak up for the organisation its its fight against hunger.

The Senegalese-born French footballer was nominated for the honor today by FAO Director General Jacques Diouf during the launch on May 11 of the 1billionhungry project, a global petition against hunger in the world.

“When FAO asked me to join its ranks in the fight it leads against hunger in the world, I didn’t hesitate for a second,” said Vieira.

“I totally support the 1billionhungry project, hoping the initiative will increase awareness of the importance of the fight against poverty and hunger, and the importance of everyone getting involved” he said.

FAO launched the global petition to encourage governments to act on the fact that there are now one billion hungry in the world.

The campaign has received support from the Association of European Professional Football Leagues which presented a video with several top European players voicing their anger about world hunger. The EPFL will also sponsor a "Match Day against Hunger" later in the year.

Vieira, currently a midfielder with Manchester City, is the former captain of France and former captain of Arsenal.  

Photo: ©FAO
Vieira at the launch of 1billionhungry project