FAO presents World Food Forum 2024

Galvanizing youth action, innovation and investment at the annual World Food Forum to achieve a better food future for all

World Food Forum 2024 launch event



Rome – Details surrounding the World Food Forum (WFF) 2024 including this year’s theme: “Good food for all, for today and tomorrow” were unveiled at an event at the headquarters of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

In 2024 the WFF’s year-long activities will culminate in a flagship event to be held on 14– 18 October. This will include sessions dedicated to Global Youth Action, Science and Innovation and Hand-in-Hand Investment. In addition, WFF 2024 will spotlight the Mid-term Forum of the UN Decade of Family Farming, weaved into youth-led, technical and policy spaces, to celebrate family farming as the backbone of diverse, innovative, and dynamic agrifood systems.

The flagship event will also coincide with the annual World Food Day celebration on 16 October, which this year will take place under the theme “Right to Foods” with ‘foods’ representing diversity, nutrition, affordability, and safety, factors that are essential in making a healthy diet accessible for all. World Food Day is FAO’s anniversary and one of the most celebrated days of the UN calendar with a call to action in up to 50 languages across 150 countries worldwide. 2024 launches the countdown to FAO’s 80th anniversary in 2025.

“All events and forums will be completely integrated, turning the week into a truly dynamic and global platform to transform the future of our agrifood systems,” Máximo Torero, Chief Economist and Chair of the FAO Youth Committee, said, speaking at the event which saw the participation of FAO Members, directors, relevant youth and youth supporters from other organisations.

“This will allow us to leverage the power of intergenerational collaboration, partnerships and creativity across policies, science, innovation, education and cultural investments,” Torero added.

Also participating at the event were FAO Deputy Director-General Maurizio Martina and Assistant Director-General and Chief Scientist a.i, Beth Crawford.

Launched in 2021, the World Food Forum (WFF) is an independent, youth-led global network of partners facilitated by FAO. It aims to spark a global movement that empowers young people everywhere to actively shape agrifood systems to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Forum will advance bold and actionable solutions to catalyze the transformation of our agrifood systems, in light of current challenges and crises.

In particular, through global youth action, science and innovation, and investment, this WFF’s flagship event forges new paths of action and multi-sector partnerships for agrifood impact at the local, regional and global levels to achieve a more sustainable, resilient, inclusive and hunger-free food future for all.


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