GAEZ - Global Agro-Ecological Zones

Land and Water Resources

The quality and availability of land and water resources, together with important socio-economic and institutional factors, is essential for food supply. Crop cultivation potential describes the agronomically possible upper limit for the production of individual crops under given agro-climatic, soil and terrain conditions for a specific level of agricultural inputs and management conditions. GAEZ v3.0 offers a standardized framework for the characterization of climate, soil and terrain conditions relevant to agricultural production, which can be applied at global to sub-national levels. [...]

Dominant land cover pattern

Dominant land cover pattern, © Fao


Rice terraces. Indonesia. ©FAO/Roberto Faidutti / FAO
Dominant land cover pattern. GAEZ. ©FAO/IIASA
Input supply to vulnerable populations under the ISFP. Kenya. ©FAO/Sarah Elliott / FAO
Thermal zones. GAEZ. ©FAO/IIASA
Close up of apples, limes, oranges and tomatoes on sale at a local market in Nepal. ©FAO/Giampiero Diana / FAO
Aggregate crop yield in 2000. GAEZ. ©FAO/IIASA
Harvesting rice in east Java. Indonesia. H. Null / FAO
Dominant land cover pattern. GAEZ. ©FAO/IIASA
Flood recession rice fields. Cambodia. ©FAO/ Giuseppe Bizzarri/ FAO
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