This web page provides an overview of resources prepared by the Natural Resources Department of FAO about the area, the people, the environment (soils, climate) and the agriculture of Myanmar. Whenever possible, information referring specifically to the area affected by cyclone NARGIS at the beginning of May was included. Since most of the material is not metadata, but actual products, they can be used directly by relief-workers, planners, and those responsible for reconstruction.
House of a farmer/fisherman under floods during the monsoon season; Nyaungdone Island, Ayeyarwady Delta, October 1997, © J. Martinez-Beltran, FAO/NRL

The information is organised in 5 sections (see box on the left): (1) the current page with some general data, tools, maps, etc.; (2) downloadable digital and printed atlases about the agriculture of Myanmar; (3) maps from the GeoNetwork digital library developed and maintained by FAO. Geonetwork transparently points to external as well as internal data sources; (4) agroclimatic charts and crop calendars and; (5) miscellaneous publications in the technical series of the Organisation, covering all the sectors from fisheries, forestry, food security, crops, livestock, and coast management.

Please contact Hideki Kanamaru (NRCB) for more information. Additional information about the products provided in this web site can also be obtained by writing directly to the officers listed for each product.

Introductions to the pages linked from box on the left

1) Data, tools and Maps for Myanmar

General data, tools, maps, climate data and crop calendar information are listed here.

2) Agricultural Atlases

Digital Agricultural Atlas

CD-ROM with a digital atlas of GIS-derived maps and related information depicting political, physical and agricultural resources (2001-2002 national statistics) in Myanmar. The atlas derives from studies carried out by the FAO Investment Centre under the framework of the project "Myanmar Agriculture Sector Review: Analysis and Investment Strategy Formulation". Contact: Antonio Martucci (NRCE)

Printed Agricultural Atlas

A3 printed atlas (120 pages) collecting the most important maps, associated tables and derived charts extracted from the Digital Agricultural Atlas of the Union of Myanmar. The atlas aims to act as a reference point and guide to those wishing to understand more clearly the opportunities and challenges facing the agricultural sector in Myanmar. Contact: Antonio Martucci (NRCE)

3) GeoNetwork

GeoNetwork is a standard based digital library designed to enable access to geo-referenced databases and cartographic products from a variety of data providers through descriptive metadata, enhancing the spatial information exchange and sharing between organizations and their audience, using the capacities and the power of the Internet. Contact: Patrizia Monteduro (NRCE)

4) Agroclimatic Charts and Crop Calendars

Rainfall and temperature maps for the country; Crop calendar, growing periods, monthly climatological max, min, mean temperature for 14 weather station locations. The maps and charts are derived from FAO New_LocClim. Contact: Hideki Kanamaru (NRCB)

5) FAO Publications

Publications for Fisheries and Aquaculture, Forestry and Wood Fuel, Food Safety, Agriculture, Livestock, Food Production and Market, Costal Planning and Management. Contact: Hideki Kanamaru (NRCB)

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