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Expert consultation - New Directions for Inclusive Pluralistic Service Systems

Innovation in financing mechanisms for demand driven agricultural advisory services - Synthesis of case studies by FAO

What challenges does Agriculture, Extension and Advisory Services face today?

How to make a difference? - New strategies, lessons, challenges and opportunities for the rural advisory services

Farmer organizations – Their Roles in Demand Led Extension and Advisory Service Provision

Knowledge Management and Networking in Extension using ICTs 

Food security - What role for Extension? 

Agricultural Advice and Innovation System - Global Trends


Agricultural Innovation Systems in Family Farming and the role of Innovation Brokerage FAO e-conference results

Investment Requirements in Extension to Achieve Zero Hunger and Adapt to Climate Change


Stakeholder Processes for Reviewing Extension Systems: comparative analysis of three country experiences

Indicators for Assessing the Status of Extension Systems and the Quality of Services

Trends, frameworks and requirements for a comprehensive approach to advisory services in Africa

What is agriculture innovation in family farming?

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