Sustainability Pathways

Bags developed from

Type of practice Recycle
Name of practice Bags developed from
Name of main actor University Sains Malaysia
Type of actor(s) Research institution
Location Malaysia
Stage of implementation End-of-life
Year of implementation 2010
What was/is being done? Researchers at University Sains Malaysia (USM) convert tropical fruit waste into flour, which they fabricate into biodegradable plastic film, FruitPlast .
Outcomes and impacts FruitPlast stands up in both tensile strength and “elongation at break” level, compared with normal plastic wraps. Bags made from the film naturally degrade in three to six months when exposed to elements, but will last one to two years on the shelf. They cost 10 percent less than the current commercially used non-biodegradable plastic bags. This technique has the double environmental advantage of making functional use of waste and reducing the production of packaging.