Sustainability Pathways

The National Food Waste Prevention Plan (PINPAS)

Type of practice Reuse for food
Name of practice The National Food Waste Prevention Plan (PINPAS)
Name of main actor Italian Government
Type of actor(s) Public authority
Location Italy
Stage of implementation Consumption
Year of implementation 2014
What was/is being done? PINPAS has two main areas of intervention: measures of food waste prevention at source and recovery through donation to charities. It aims at getting food waste prevention at the center of the political agenda from the local to the European level, increasing and spreading knowledge about the environmental, social and economic impacts of food waste, raising awareness among consumers. PINPAS seeks to promote sectoral integration (i.e. agriculture, environment and education) in order to strengthen the link between Green Public Procurement (GPP) policies and food waste prevention targets, with a view to bringing the theme of food waste prevention inside schools, as well as to set-up harmonized tools and indicators for food waste quantification and reporting and to make donation more and more convenient, as compared to landfilling and/or incineration.
Outcomes and impacts Currently in implementation.