Sustainability Pathways

Template for Proposals of Best Practices for Sustainable Management of Grasslands

Name of practiceThis field is required
Name of main actorThis field is required
Name of main actor
List relevant partners and stakeholders as well as the roles of each if applicable.
Type of actor(s)This field is required
LocationThis field is required
Agro-ecological regionThis field is required
Grassland typeThis field is required
Sustainability dimension involved This field is required
Sustainability sub-themes
Year of implementationThis field is required
Description of best practiceThis field is required
Description of best practice
Describe the practice and how it works. You may want to consider: key innovations of the practice; costs of implementation; sources of knowledge (e.g. traditional knowledge); constraints to further adoption; other countries where the practice is being developed/adopted
Outcomes and impactsThis field is required
Outcomes and impacts
What has been achieved? What main factors for success would you emphasize? You may want to consider: the interaction with existing policies and impacts on: production, livelihoods, the environment (e.g. climate change, biodiversity, ecosystems services etc.)
Allowed extensions: jpg, gif, png.
Link to video
Allowed extensions: pdf, doc, docx, pps, ppt.
Who is the focal point of the practice (please provide full contact details if possible: name, position, address, email, tel)?