Capacity development

FAO is actively supporting regional and country capacities to shape food systems that enable healthy diets. Developing appropriate food systems policies and actions entails improving governments' and non-State actors' capacities for carrying out the necessary actions. To achieve this goal, FAO has developed a Capacity Development Roadmap in support of the revised Vision and Strategy for FAO's Work in Nutrition (FAO's Nutrition Strategy). The Roadmap will steer the capacity development activities by addressing current gaps and leveraging opportunities. To know more about the Capacity Development Roadmap and its implementation click here.

Main resources by thematic area

FAO has developed a series of technical papers, policy briefs, manuals, e-learning courses, webinars and videos to assist partners in the design and implementation of appropriate, informed and coherent food systems policies and actions.

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Section: Food composition

This brief describes what parliamentarians need to know about the current nutrition situation in the world and how our food systems are shaping food environments that steer people towards unhealthy diets which are one of the causal factors of malnutrition....

Section: Food composition

Section: Nutrition policies and programmes

This Resource framework is intended as a guidance tool for stakeholders involved in programme design, implementation and monitoring of Home-Grown School Feeding Programmes and the related policy and institutional environment, including, inter...

Dietary assessment
02 July 2018
Section: Nutrition assessment

This manual aims to signpost for the users the best way to measure food and nutrient intakes and to enhance their understanding of the key features, strengths and limitations of various methods. It also highlights a number of common methodological...

Section: Food composition

In December 2016, FAO and WHO convened an International Symposium on Sustainable Food Systems for Healthy Diets and Improved Nutrition, gathering delegates from 90 UN Member States representatives of intergovernmental organizations, private-sector entities, civil society organizations, academia/research organizations and producer...