Recommandations alimentaires

Food-based dietary guidelines - Oman

Official name

The Omani guide to healthy eating (Arabic: الدليل العماني للغذاء الصحي).

Publication year

The Omani dietary guidelines were published in 2009.

Process and stakeholders

The dietary guidelines were developed by the Department of Nutrition, Ministry of Health, in consultation with many experts. The World Health Organization supported the process.

The Omani guide is endorsed by the Ministry of Health.

Intended audience

The guidelines apply to all healthy individuals above the age of 2 years.

Food guide

The Omani healthy plate is the visual representation of the food guide. It encourages the consumption of a variety of foods from each of the six food groups every day in proportions that are consistent with the food guide.


  • Vary your diet, making it healthy and balanced.
  • Choose whole grains and cereals and consume potatoes with their skin on.
  • Consume 3–5 servings of vegetables daily.
  • Consume 2–4 servings of fruits daily.
  • Consume fish, poultry, eggs or lean meat.
  • Consume one serving of legumes daily.
  • Consume milk or dairy products daily.
  • Limit your fat intake and choose your snacks wisely.
  • Follow the five keys to safer food.
  • Be active, exercise regularly and drink plenty of water.