Food-based dietary guidelines

Food-based dietary guidelines - Barbados

Official name

Food-based dietary guidelines for Barbados.

Publication year

Barbados published its dietary guidelines in 2009, and a revised version in 2017. 

Participating institutions

The guidelines were developed by the National Nutrition Centre (under the Ministry of Health) with support from FAO. They have been endorsed by the Government of Barbados.

Intended audience

The guidelines are aimed at the general population over 2 years of age.

Food guide

The Barbados map is the chosen food guide. The map represents the main food groups and the proportions recommended for a healthy diet. It is divided into the six Caribbean food groups: staples, vegetables, fruits, legumes, foods from animals and fats and oils; and surrounded by images of people doing physical activity.


  • Enjoy a wide variety of foods every day.
  • Enjoy a variety of vegetables every day.
  • Enjoy a variety of fruits every day.
  • Enjoy a variety of foods rich in fibre every day.
  • Choose to eat less fat and fatty foods every day.
  • Choose foods with less salt and sodium every day.
  • Choose food and beverages with less added sugar every day.
  • Engage in physical activity every day.