One Country One Priority Product (OCOP)

Special Agricultural Products (SAPs) are agricultural products with unique qualities and special characteristics associated with geographical locations, farming practices and cultural heritages. Compared to staple food crops, SAPs have not yet fully benefited from research, agricultural, and rural development programmes. They are important examples of agricultural products which contribute to ensuring food security and healthy diets, supporting a sustainable bioeconomy and improving farmers’ livelihoods and economic growth, while protecting the environment and biodiversity.

SAPs include all kinds of agricultural products, with the potential of being integrated into mainstream and high value domestic, regional, and international value chains and markets. They are closely related, but not limited, to products featuring Geographical Indication (GI).

The OCOP promotes the development of SAPs in:

Through the sustainable development of SAPs, the OCOP facilitates the development and piloting of the new generation of value chains with optimized production processes; minimized use of chemical inputs and natural resources; a reduction in food loss and waste; a negative impact to the environment; and maximized productivity, income and economic growth to improve food security and nutrition across the world.

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