One Health

One Health and Agroecology: scaling up joint activities towards food system transformation

Hybrid Event, 07/12/2023

14:00 – 15:15 CET

One Health and Agroecology are two important interdisciplinary approaches that address the interconnections between agriculture, ecosystems, human, animal and plant health. Both One Health and Agroecology promote holistic and sustainable approaches to agriculture and health, and positive interventions under one approach can have positive impacts on the other.  Integration of agroecology principles into agricultural practices will contribute to a more holistic and sustainable approach to food production, thereby aligning with the goals of One Health. In return, One Health can enhance agroecological approaches by explicitly integrating aspects of health.

Building on the lessons learned from the implementation of One Health and Agroecology approaches and with the presence of FAO experts from the Plant Production and Protection Division (NSP), Agroscope and CIRAD, this One Health Series will showcase concrete examples of the contribution of Agroecology and One Health to agrifood systems transformation and address some challenges for One Health implementation. Main objectives include: 

  • Review the relationship of One Health and agroecology by sharing experiences and practices and looking for commonalities, connections, and differences
  • Identify other international and legally binding instruments and activities that support the interaction between One Health and Agroecology, such as e.g. Convention of Biological Diversity and the Rotterdam Convention.
  • Identify entry points for win-win of the two at national level and barriers to implementation.


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