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El objetivo a largo plazo del Programa de Agricultura Orgánica de la FAO es potenciar la seguridad alimentaria, el desarrollo rural, los medios de subsistencia sostenibles y la integridad del medio ambiente fortaleciendo las capacidades de los Estados Miembros en materia de producción, elaboración, certificación y comercialización de productos orgánicos.

Este sitio Web ofrece la información sobre agricultura orgánica de que dispone la FAO. También sirve de hoja de ruta para dirigir a los usuarios hacia otros sitios Web pertinentes.

BioFach India

Organic goats

Freshly harvested organic strawberries

Diversified organic vegetable garden

Organic greens and flowers for salad

Fresh organic courgettes

Organic onions and parsnips

Organic cucumbers

Organic beetroots

Farm pick-up of organic products for Shanghai households

Direct sales of organic vegetable

Organic greenhouses in peri-urban Shanghai

Organic Swiss chard

Organic farm in peri-urban Shanghai

Young researcher visiting an organic community farm (Shanghai, China)

Organic wild collection of mushrooms

Biofach China, Shanghai

Organic cotton stand at BioFach China

Design your plate and your palette with organic veggies

Organic preserves

BioFach China is the second largest organic fair worldwide

Urban farmers markets are increasingly going organic (Manhattan, NY)

Organic farmers' market (New York City)

Organic laboratory at Frick, Switzerland

Organic apples orchad

International Round Table on Organic Agriculture and Climate Change

Biodynamic livestock research station, Frick, Switzerland

Pacific Organic and Ethical Trade Community (POETCom)

International Task Force on Harmonization and Equivalence in Organic Agriculture

Organic pig outdoor' system (Germany)

Organic pigs integrated in crop rotation (Witzenhausen, Germany)

Organic pig stable (Germany)

Typical Samoan diversified farm undergoing organic conversion

Drier powered with coconut husks for the production of organic virgin coconut oil (Samoa)

Coconuts collected from neighbouring certified organic farms (Samoa)

Hand pressing for the extraction of organic virgin coconut oil (Samoa)

Processing unit for organic virgin coconut oil (Upolu, Samoa)

Integrated production of organic cattle and coconut (Samoa)

Organic and fair trade virgin organic coconut oil (Samoa)

Organic vanilla pod (Tonga)

Organic botanical garden at Enei’ o, Vava’u (Tonga)

Open organic market

Over 50 types of salt on Amsterdam's organic market

Raw food stand on farmers' market

Organic entrepreneur enjoying his home-grown green tea

Organic green tea plantation and factory

Ankole organic cow

Gaochun organic valley (Janjsu Province, China)

Organic lotus farm

Biodegradable plastic sheets in organic strawberry greenhouse

The true meaning of organic is coming back to Nature (Hu Jie)

Organic green tea plantation and factory

Organic vegetables fields (Shondong Province, China)

Solar insectecidal device in organic vegetable field

Organic restaurant in Nanjing, China

Diversified mango and papaya field (Uganda)

Ankole organic cow

Kampala organic shop

Organic cotton workers

Certified organic cotton

Organic cotton textile factory (Kampala, Uganda)

Sorting organic sesame

Water weeding in organic crab farm

Organic honey is also derived from wild forest bees

Harvesting of organic olives (Italy)

Organic cabbage field

Family farming horticulture

Traditional varieties of organic pulses and pasta

Organic agriculture in protected area safeguards wildlife

Backyard production of local poultry

Agroforestry raises agricultural productivity and soil quality

Selection of Italian organic cheese

Organic school garden

Pristine river water flows in organic trout farm

Better use of the aquatic food chain

Supporting healthy pastures for the environment and livestock

Maintaining the organic claim throughout the food chain

Putting prevention ahead of cure

Adapting research and generating knowledge

Satisfying consumers of a growing market

Connecting farmers and consumers

Control of conformity authorizations by organic certifier

Food quality control, Kenya

Guaranteeing the validity of the organic system

Biodynamic farm in buffer zone of Circeo national park, Italy

Connecting agricultural land and wildlife habitats

Potato varieties, Lima, Peru

Celebrating traditional varieties, adapted breeds and specialty products

Retaining water, conserving soil and restoring degraded land

An ecologically and socially friendly food system

Cooperative supply of organic vegetables to Geneva dwellers (Switzerland)

Fodder and fruit trees in rehabilited gully in Tigray (Ethiopia)

Fodder storage (Ethiopia)

Organic farmer in Tigray (Ethiopia)

Organic horticulture in rehabilitated drylands (Ethiopia)

Organic project in Tigray (Ethiopia)

Organic shopper in a Virginia Beach supermarket (USA)

Organic wine cellar (Switzerland)

Traditional treading of teff (Ethiopia)

Urban consumers’ visit to Adonis Valley for organic wild harvesting (Lebanon)

Organic theatre at FAO (Italy)

Cuddled organic goat (Norway)

Extension officers visiting an organic village in Drenshing (Buthan)

Community discussions on conversion to organic management in Namthir (Buthan)

Nadia’s organic aperitif

Tasting of multi-ingredients organic bread (Bali)

Awareness campaign for organic local production (Hong Kong)

India Organic Fair (India)

Organic farmers market (Honk Kong)

Organic producers fair (Bali)

Quality control of organic medicinal and aromatic plants in Bangalore (India)

Sun drying of organic and fair trade vanilla in Mysor (India)

Traditional drying of hot peppers in Drenshing (Buthan)

Traditional drying of hot peppers in Drenshing (Buthan)

Traditional drying of organic corn in Drenshing (Buthan)

Organic pumpkin harvest in Geneva (Switzerland)

Emigrant labour in a biodynamic greenhouse in Sabaudia (Italy)

Biodynamic cow pasture in the protected area of Sabaudia (Italy)

Organic garden in Mull (Scotland)

Happy organic sheep (New Zealand)

Autochthonous dairy organic cows (Norway)

Peri-urban organic horticultural greenhouse (Switzerland)

Biodynamic vineyard (Switzerland)

Organic sheep in Iona (Scotland)

Dairy organic cows (Norway)

“Free roaming” organic goat (Norway)

Yusipang area is declared as fully organic (Buthan)

Organic rice fields in Trongsa (Buthan)

Organic medicinal, aromatic and dye plants area in Trongsa (Buthan)

Organic sheep (Norway)

Biodynamic animal husbandry in Mysore (India)

Biodynamic research farm in Mysore (India)

Organic sheep pasture (Norway)

Weeds in an organic garden (Scotland)

Organic goat shed (Norway)

Organic seedling production for medicinal and aromatic plants in Bangalore (India)

Organic nursery in Karnataka (India)

Biodynamic water management on a Mysore farm (India)



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