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Climate Posters



Impact of different Agricultural Systems and Nutrition Patterns on Greenhouse-Gas Emissions
Freyer, B. University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Austria

Soil Fertility management and compost use in Senegal's Peanut Basin,
N. C. McClintock and A. M. Diop The Rodale Institute, USA

Co-variation of Soil Mycorrhizae Fungal Spores, Soil Carbon Content, Soil Aggregation and Stability, and Glomalin Glycoprotein Content
D. Douds Jr, P. Hepperly, K. Nichols and R. Seidel, The Rodale Institute, USA

Can Organic Amendment Contribute to Carbon Sequestration? A Survey in a Pear Orchard in Emilia-Romagna Region, Italy
C. Ciavatta, P.Gioacchini, & D. Montecchio, Univiersiy of Bologna, Italy

Organic Food, Fibre and Fuel
S.G. Ratter, bioSim e.K., Germany

The interdependence of a controlled composting process and the turnaround of the climate change
Angelika Lübke-Hildebrandt MSc, Austria

Visions for organic bioenergy production in Denmark
Tommy Dalgaard, Uffe Jørgensen, and Inge T Kristensen, Research Centre Foulum, Denmark

Energetic and Economic Comparison of Organic and Conventional Farming Systems
(David Pimentel, Cornell University, USA)

Comparison of carbon stock and biological soil quality in organic and conventional agriculture within Ombrone plain
C. Gardi, C. Menta, F. Pesci, M. Locatelli, University of Parma

Developing Energy Plants for Biofuels Production may Comply to Organic Principles
O. M. Akinyemi & H. Høgh-Jensen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark