Conferencia Internacional sobre Agricultura Org�nica y Seguridad Alimentaria

Roma, 03 - 05 de mayo 2007




3 May 2007

Lukas Kilcher

How Organic Agriculture Contributes to Food Availability

Sue Edwards

The Impact of Compost Use on Crop Yields in Tigray - Ethiopia

Roberto Cittadini

Una experiencia a escala nacional de producción con bases orgánicas para la seguridad alimentaria y la inclusión social - Argentina

Volkert Engelsman

Capitalising on Sustainability

Michael Sligh

Organic Agriculture and Access to Food

Shantanu Mathur

Contribution of Organic Agriculture to Poverty Reduction in Asia and Latin America

Victoria Burke

East African smallholders? access to organic export markets

Rajeev Baruah

Improving Income Security of India?s Small Farmers through organic agriculture and linking them to the markets

Andrea Ferrante

Organic Spring, AIAB: Organic farms open the doors to the citizens, Italy

Paolo Foglia

Organic agritourism, bio-educational farms and rural development, Italy

Avelio Marini

Filieracorta - Buy direct from your local farmer: it?s worth it, Italy

4 May 2007

Jane Earley

Organic Agriculture and Environmental Stability

Urs Niggli

Resilience in Organic Systems - Consequences for Climate Change

Darko Znaor

Impact of organic agriculture on the environmental and economic performance of Croatia

Manuel Amador

La Tierra - Nuestra Casa, Costa Rica

Charito Medina

Rebuilding Small Farmers? Resilience, Philippines

Kirsten Brandt

Organic Agriculture and Food Utilization

Julia Wright

Relocalising Food Systems for Food Security: Successes and Challenges in Cuba

Helmy Abouleish

Organic Agriculture and Food Utilisation - an Egyptian Case Study

Xingji Xiao

Contributions of Organic Agriculture to Food Safety and Supply - A Case Study in Shandong, China

5 May 2007

Nadia Scialabba

Organic Agriculture and Food Security

Niels Halberg

The Impact of Organic Farming on Food Security in a Regional and Global Perspective: Challenges and Prospects