Increasing incomes of farmers

Organic and fair-trade exports from Africa

African girl with European organic logo and FLO fairtrade logo.
Image: FAO, 2004.

Formulation phase

Title: Identification of export opportunities for farmer groups of low-income West African countries in the markets for certified fair-trade and organic products
Code: GCP/RAF/389/GER
Donor: Federal Republic of Germany
Amount: US$ 146,781
Executed by: FAO Trade and Markets Division (EST)
Implementation period: April - October 2004

Port with container, truck and big ship.
Image: FAO,2004.

Implementation phase

Title: Increasing incomes and food security of small farmers in west and central Africa through exports of organic and fair-trade tropical products.
Code: GCP/RAF/404/GER
Donor: Federal Republic of Germany
Amount: US$ 2,389,332
Beneficiary countries: Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ghana, Senegal, Sierra Leone
Executed by: FAO Trade and Market Division (Lead Technical Unit) and FAO Regional Office for Africa (Operational responsibility) and FAO Representations in the beneficiary countries
Implementation period: September 2005 – September 2009

Project partners

General project partners:

Project partners, Burkina Faso:

Project partners, Cameroon:

  • Groupement d’intérêt commun Unité des AgroPasteurs du Cameroun (UNAPAC) (conventional and organic pineapple farmer association and exporter)
  • Jean Pierre Imélé (consultant)
  • Comité de Suivi sur l’agriculture biologique et le commerce équitable (See Discussion Forum)
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MINADER)

Project partners, Ghana:

  • Ekumfi Atwia WAD Organic Farmers Association (EAWOFA) (organic pineapple producer association)
  • WAD Ltd (organic fresh and dried tropical fruit exporter)
  • Volta Mango Growers Association (VOMAGA) (organic mango farmers association)
  • Agro Eco (technical assistance provider)
  • Ghana Organic Agriculture Network (GOAN)
  • Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA), Cooperative Department

Project partners, Senegal

Project partners, Sierra Leone