Programme Against African Trypanosomosis (PAAT)

Development of a national Atlas of tsetse and African animal trypanosomosis

Sikasso, Mali.

16/06/2014 20/06/2014

A workshop will be organized by FAO and the Tsetse and Trypanosomosis Control Unit in Mali (PLMT, Projet de Lutte contre les Mouches tsétsé et les Trypanosomoses animals). Four staff from different iNational nstitutions (PLMT, PATTEC, LCV, FAO/TCP/MLI) will be participating as trainees.

The PLMT's mandate is to create and subsequently update and manage a database on AAT and tsetse by merging together all the databases from each Institution. As a follow-up, the PLMT will further check, refine and harmonize these 4 databases before the final fusion.