Programme Against African Trypanosomosis (PAAT)

Sleeping sickness

The Atlas of human African trypanosomosis (HAT, or sleeping sickness) is an initiative of WHO, jointly implemented with FAO in the framework of PAAT.

In the Atlas of HAT all cases reported from endemic and non-endemic countries from the year 2000 onwards are mapped at the village level and are included in a geo-spatial database. Results of active screening activities are also included. Maps of HAT distribution and risk are subsequently generated at a variety of scale, from continental, national to local/focus level. The Atlas also maps health facilities providing HAT diagnosis and treatment, and the coverage of active and passive surveillance.

The outputs of the Atlas of HAT are available from the WHO web site (

Source: Franco et al. (2022). The elimination of human African trypanosomiasis: Achievements in relation to WHO road map targets for 2020.