FAO in Pakistan

Trainings of Female Farmers on the Control of Animal Diseases


Women play an active role in performing various livestock related activities in Pakistan. However, they usually are not involved in formulation and implementation of livestock development projects. To train female farmers on the prevention and control of livestock diseases, FAO ‘projects “Progressive Control of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) in Pakistan’ and ‘Progressive Control of Peste des Petits Ruminants (PPR) in Pakistan’ conducted two trainings in District Tando Allah Yar in Sindh Province on 20 May 2015. To ensure better understanding of training content, local veterinary staff including female veterinarian were also involved to assist in delivering these trainings where about 51 female farmers in village Chhatan Ariser and 44 female farmers in village Bachal Khaskhaily received the trainings.

The training focused on the identification of FMD and PPR diseases, prevention and treatment. The female participants gratefully acknowledged FAO for reaching remote areas of the country and providing useful information and knowledge especially to the small holder female farmers. The female farmers shared that they will be utilizing the learnt knowledge for the control and subsequently eradication of these diseases from their livestock. The participants also discussed other livestock diseases and illnesses with the project team and were properly responded.