South-south Cooperation
01 Dec 2023
Zaatari Refugee Camp (ZRC), in Northern Jordan, is the seventh-largest refugee camp globally, and it hosts around 80 000 Syrian refugees. This new population generates 34 metric tons (MT) of waste, which is collected and trucked out of the camp daily. Disposing the solid waste has become one of the most serious environmental problems in Jordan, with much of its waste ending up in landfill.
Civil Society
31 Oct 2023
Achieving the objectives of the FAO Strategic Framework 2022-31 and the global goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda requires high levels of collaboration across the board. Strategic partnerships, particularly with non-state actors (NSAs), are vital and bring transformative, added value to FAO's work. FAO continues to strengthen its engagement with NSAs – including civil society organizations (CSOs), cooperatives and producers’ organizations, parliamentarians, Indigenous Peoples, academia and research institutions (ARIs). The Partnerships with Non-State Actors at FAO: Progress report 2022 outlines FAO’s work with these key actors...
Parliamentary alliances
24 Feb 2023
La evidencia muestra que cuando una fuerte voluntad política se traduce en leyes, políticas públicas y programas, los indicadores de seguridad alimentaria y nutrición tienden a mejorar significativamente. Los parlamentarios desempeñan un papel fundamental en la promoción y aprobación de leyes y políticas para erradicar el hambre y la malnutrición, pero, sobre todo, para garantizar la seguridad alimentaria y nutricional.   A pesar de transitar por...
South-south Cooperation
28 Nov 2022
In the last decade, FAO has been supporting governments and agricultural stakeholders to address the root causes of child labour in agriculture in Africa. This compendium provides an overview of the projects implemented, results, promising practices and lessons learned.  
South-south Cooperation
12 Sep 2022
For more than 25 years, FAO has been successfully facilitating South–South exchanges of cost-effective experiences and technical know-how, relevant to local conditions. The aim is to strengthen food security and nutrition. FAO has also supported African governments to set up their own unilateral trust funds to finance South – South Cooperation initiatives in their countries, such as Nigeria and Angola.
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