Resource Partners
24 Mar 2020
In recent years, New Zealand’s strategic support of various FAO normative and technical projects has proven its commitment towards food security and agricultural development. This has included contributions towards resilience building and emergency response - particularly in the Asia and the Pacific region - as well as development activities promoting sustainable resource management and food systems.
Private Sector
01 Mar 2020
Esta nota conceptual propone un enfoque de debida diligencia, eficiente y flexible, que se puede aplicar a todos los miembros del Grupo de Desarrollo Sostenible de las Naciones Unidas (GNUDS). La misma, tiene en cuenta diferentes prioridades y mandatos específicos establecidos para las organizaciones y debe verse como un marco básico para la armonización, en torno a un conjunto de principios y estándares operativos para la debida diligencia.
Resource Partners
28 Feb 2020
The FMM Annual Report for 2018 highlights the concrete results achieved through the continued support of key resource partners. This report details initiatives, innovations, impacts, outcomes and human-centred stories from the field. The report shows how deepening our engagement with resource partners and fostering new alliances is vital to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.
Resource Partners
31 Jan 2020
With the adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, FAO’s mandate has been reinforced and scaled up to a depth and scope that calls for a greater commitment in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Much still needs to be done in order to mobilize sufficient resources and support to meet the global necessities related to the eradication of hunger, malnutrition and poverty globally. Deepening our engagement with key resource partners and fostering new alliances with like-minded players is essential for generating real and far-reaching impact on the ground. This...
Resource Partners
30 Jan 2020
France has long been an active and generous resource partner, working closely with FAO in support of shared food security and agricultural development goals. French expertise and seconded personnel make a vital contribution to the achievement of the Organization’s mandate, and the country plays a major role in catalysing global and regional cooperation. France continues to support a wide range of programmes, with a recent focus on food security governance, climate change and resilience, agroecology, family farming, animal health, and sustainable management of forests and lands.