Resource Partners
07 Aug 2020
Belgium is a key strategic partner for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), supporting the Organization’s mandate for both humanitarian and development activities. The country is generously funding innovative and critical areas in support of food security, economic growth, employment and income generation to foster resilient and sustainable development. The strategic alignment between Belgium’s and FAO’s priorities is strong, and is the foundation of the partnership.
Private Sector
01 Jul 2020
Les mises à jour effectuées pour de nombreux pays ont permis cette année d’estimer la faim dans le monde avec une plus grande précision. En particulier, les nouvelles données disponibles ont permis de revoir toutes les estimations de la sous-alimentation faites pour la Chine depuis 2000, ce qui a entraîné une importante révision à la baisse du nombre de personnes sous-alimentées dans le monde. Néanmoins, cette revision confirme la tendance signalée dans les éditions précédentes, à savoir que le nombre de personnes touchées par la faim dans le monde est en lente augmentation depuis 2014. Le rapport montre également que...
South-south Cooperation
16 Apr 2020
This report was developed under the United Nations Action Plan on South-South Climate Cooperation (2017-2021), which was launched in November 2017 in support of the United Nations Secretary-General’s Climate Change Engagement Strategy. Under the leadership of the Secretary-General and Deputy Secretary-General and with support from Member States and the wider stakeholders, the Action Plan is the strategic framework that guides the operation and programming activities of UNOSSC on South-South cooperation on climate change. Valuable inputs regarding the activities of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in support of SSTC on sustainable bioeconomy were provided by the Office...
Resource Partners
27 Mar 2020
Since 1945, Canada and FAO have worked together towards finding solutions to many of the most pressing problems of our time, and tested new ways of delivering support to those most in need. Through total contributions of CAD 71 million1 (USD 53.5 million) between 2018 and 2019, Canada has enabled FAO to reach vulnerable populations in crisis-affected areas, while contributing to rural transformation through investments in agricultural productivity and livelihood opportunities.
Resource Partners
24 Mar 2020
In recent years, New Zealand’s strategic support of various FAO normative and technical projects has proven its commitment towards food security and agricultural development. This has included contributions towards resilience building and emergency response - particularly in the Asia and the Pacific region - as well as development activities promoting sustainable resource management and food systems.