Resource Mobilization

Strengthening of statistical systems for fishery in Central Africa

There is a widely recognized need of strengthening statistical and information systems for fisheries in Central Africa in order to support the process of managing maritime fishing resources in a sustainable manner.
To meet these needs, the project aims to strengthen national capacities of data collection on fisheries, to develop and implement databases as well as to develop an information exchange system on a sub-regional level which will be compatible with national information systems.

What did the project do

The project encompasses, on a national and sub-regional level, close to hundred providers of statistical services for data collection. A training course on data collection has been developed and integrated into the curriculum of the “Institutsous-régional des statistiqueset d’économieappliquée” (ISSEA). National data collection systems operate now in Congo, Cameroon, Gabon, Sao Tome and Principe and Democratic Republic of the Congo. An innovative data collection application, available as an open source mobile device app, has been developed and tested as a pilot project in five member countries of COREP. A sub-regional database has been developed as well as an exchange protocol between COREP and its member states.


The production estimates of small-scale maritime fishing have increased over the course of the last year, primarily due to staff training on statistical methods and as a result of an improvement in collecting and processing data. A better understanding of the use of fishing resources and the means of livelihood in fisher communities, allow a clearer identification of the crucial factors for food security and how to mitigate poverty in Central Africa. To support public policy, the improvement of statistical data of the catch and efforts of the fishers will serve on a medium/long term basis as a mean to improve the sustainability of maritime fishery resources. It is also envisaged to use the improved statistical data to enhance sustainable management of marine and coastal environment.


  • Development and implementation of eight national data collection systems.
  • Development and testing of an innovative data collection system in five countries, available on mobile devices.
  • Development of a data base and an exchange protocol of communications between COREP and its member states.
  • Training of 91 providers of statistical services of data bases through sampling methods: 66 on a national level (the pilot application is include) and 25 on a sub-regional level.
  • Training of 5 national managers responsible for statistical systems regarding use and maintenance of maritime fishery databases.
  • Prepare, publish and integrate a training course in French about fishery databases into the curriculum of the ISSEA.
  • Develop a study on the contribution of small-scale fishery of COREP member states to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
Project symbol: TCP/SFC/3501
Project title: Strengthening of Fishery data bases in Central Africa
Contact: Lionel Kinadjian