Resource Mobilization

A sustainable agriculture and rural development strategy for Oman

Oman’s recent economic growth still depends on hydrocarbon revenue and foreign labour. Sustainable development in the agriculture sector would increase agriculture’s contribution to the gross domestic product and employment, and enable the sector to improve Oman’s trade balance. The objective of the project was thus to support the government in analyzing the existing situation and formulating a sustainable agricultural development and rural development strategy to address the efficient and sustainable use of the scarce natural resources for the improved livelihoods of the Omani people.

What did the project do

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries requested FAO support to develop a national strategy for agriculture and rural development, aligned with the National Vision 2040 then under formulation. The project produced a number of studies to provide background information to facilitate the formulation of the Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development Strategy (SARDS) of the Sultanate of Oman and its Five-Year Plan. The two documents represent a comprehensive set of measures needed to ensure that future agricultural and rural development activities are economically viable and environmentally sustainable, thus contributing to the overall well-being of the Omani people.


The implementation of the SARDS and the IP together will unlock the potential of the agriculture sector by enhancing its economic efficiency, profitability and competitiveness, by improving environmental sustainability and resilience to natural disasters and crises and by fostering integrated territorial development to unlock the potential of the rural areas and promote the environmental and cultural heritage of the Sultanate. Critical indirect results of the intervention are that MAF is better able to take strategic decisions on policies, regulations and interventions in the country, and that further private capital will be mobilized for agriculture and rural development, in line with the national objectives stated in the SARDS.


  • Studies produced on Omani agriculture and rural development sectors.
  • High-level mission conducted in August and September 2015 to establish scope, structure and timeframe of SARDS and its IP.
  • Three technical missions held between September 2015 and March 2016 to validate and finalize contents of SARDS and IP.
  • SARDS 2040 and IP endorsed in MAF and presented to the Supreme Council for Planning in October 2016.
Project symbol: UTF/OMA/011/OMA
Project title: Preparation of a Sustainable Agricultural Development Strategy for Sultanate of Oman till 2030
Contact: FAO Office in Oman