Mobilisation des ressources


FAO + Luxembourg. Building prosperity for Zero Hunger


Together we are… investing in resilient rural livelihoods, boosting youth employment, promoting food safety emergency preparedness and response, …and improving global food governance.

FAO + [...]

FAO + Australia: Promoting prosperity. Reducing poverty. Enhancing stability.


We are working together to achieve… Food safety and security, Global stability and peace, Sustainable use of natural resources, A more inclusive and resilient Pacific, …and global health.

Joint FAO + [...]

FAO + China: Partnering for sustainable food security


Together we are… Developing innovative solutions for poverty reduction, Sharing technical expertise and knowledge through South-South Cooperation, Investing in food security and sustainable agriculture, …. and promoting trade and global [...]

FAO + Republic of Korea: Promoting partnerships for inclusive and sustainable rural development


Together we are… enhancing global governance for food security, ensuring the sustainable management and use of natural resources, …and protecting global health.

Recent FAO + Republic of Korea initiatives have helped…

  1. Foster [...]

FAO + UK. Joint efforts for sustainable livelihoods and global food security


Together we are… keeping our food safe and our planet healthy, providing support across the humanitarian-development-peace nexus, investing in climate-smart solutions, providing evidence-based food security and nutrition analysis, … and [...]

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