Mobilisation des ressources

FAO + Ireland. Partnering for a peaceful, equal and sustainable world

Together we are… partnering for food security and nutrition, supporting sustainable agri-food systems, promoting peace through resilience building, protecting the environment through natural resource management and climate action, …and strengthening global food governance.

Joint FAO + Ireland initiatives have helped…

1 Improve access and availability of food
2 Invest in inclusive, sustainable and people-centered agricultural development
3 Bridge the humanitarian and development nexus to rebuild livelihoods
4 Save lives and preserve the dignity of vulnerable communities
5 Provide innovative digital solutions
6 Enhance sustainability and resilience to natural disasters
7 Share knowledge and expertise through creative and inclusive partnerships
8 …all while ensuring a peaceful, equal and sustainable world.

Thank you, Ireland, for being a committed partner.

Only together can we achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.