Coopération Sud-Sud et coopération triangulaire


31 Jul 2023
31/07/2023, Vitacura The Regional Office of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is pleased to invite you to the webinar "Digitalization of agriculture: Chinese experience and the challenges for Latin America and the Caribbean”.
03 Jul 2023
03/07/2023 Rome - On the sidelines of the 43rd Session of FAO’s Conference, Anping Ye, Director of the South-South and Triangular Cooperation Division (PST) in FAO met with H.E. Gilberto Silva, Minister for Agriculture and Environment of Cabo Verde, to discuss the upcoming launch of the FAO-China South-South Cooperation (SSC) project in support of Agricultural Production Systems to Enhance Food Security and Nutrition in the Republic of Cabo Verde, and future developments. Anping Ye and his delegation from FAO headquarters, thanked H.E. Gilberto Silva for Cabo Verde’s support to SSTC and presented the main highlights of FAO’s work in SSTC.  Despite significant...
20 Jun 2023
MEV-CAM has launched its long-awaited Knowledge Bank, a database of good practices on sustainable land management and restoration documented by communities taking part in the initiative.
09 Jun 2023
Rome/Freetown - Sierra Leone, FAO and Viet Nam today signed a South-South and Triangular Cooperation (SSTC) agreement aimed at developing the rice sector in the African country. The new project has an estimated budget of $5 million to be implemented through a Unilateral Trust Fund (UTF) from Sierra Leone.
02 Jun 2023
02/06/2023 Against a backdrop of rising food insecurity and malnutrition, in great part driven by conflict, extreme weather events, and economic downturns and slowdowns, the transformation of our agrifood systems has never been more urgent. FAO believes that South-South and Triangular Cooperation (SSTC) is a driving force in global agricultural development and in the rethinking of...