Cooperación Sur-Sur y cooperación triangular

Success stories

10 Sep 2014
In March 2012, a Chinese livestock technician arrived at a poultry farm in northeastern Nigeria to provide support under an FAO-Nigeria-China, South-South Cooperation project. The three hectare farm had 430 layer hens with an egg production rate of only 25 percent. In addition, those eggs lacked vitamin B1. The technician immediately proposed changing the hens’ feed to one rich in vitamin B1, inoculating the chicks and improving hygiene practices. The result: A 60 percent increase in egg production, lower mortality rate and increased growth rate of the poultry. At the same time, Chinese technicians visiting Nigeria’s rice-producing areas found farmers...
16 Jul 2014
Since 2012, 31 Chinese experts and technicians have been sent to Uganda to provide technical assistance in crop production, aquaculture, horticulture, livestock and agribusiness. The team has successfully transferred 25 new technologies, and introduced 17 new varieties such as hybrid rice, foxtail millet and maize, as well as four pieces of agricultural equipment and tools. The new technologies and varieties introduced are showing quick results with improved food crops and have increased the income of farmers.
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