Cooperación Sur-Sur y cooperación triangular



FAO y Costa Rica sellan su compromiso con la Cooperación Sur-Sur y Triangular para el desarrollo agrícola


Ivannia Quesada Villalobos, Viceministra de Agricultura y Ganadería de Costa Rica

China - FAO South-South Cooperation: Promoting Inclusive and Sustainable Development


The 40th session of the FAO Conference hosted a side event on “China-FAO South-South Cooperation: promoting inclusive and sustainable development” .


• Marcela Villarreal, OPC Director, chaired this side-event.   

• Opening remarks, by José Graziano da Silva, FAO Director General 

• Opening remarks, by H.E. Niu Dun, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of [...]

Remarks by Purev Sergelen, Mongolia's agriculture minister


The new agreement signed by FAO Director-General Jose Graziano da Silva and Mongolia's agriculture minister Purev Sergelen aims to strengthen the South-South and Triangular Cooperation

Brazil recognizes South-South Cooperation as a key means to share its successful school feeding model with other countries


Karine Santos is Coordinator for Brazil’s National School Feeding Programme (FNDE/MEC): “Brazil’s National School Feeding Programme marked last year its 60th anniversary. In the context of this programme, we have long time ago established a partnership with FAO. Dr. Graziano [FAO Director-General] represents this partnership. We have two specific [...]

FAO and China launch new South-South Cooperation Program in Democratic Republic of Congo


FAO, China and the Democratic Republic of Congo have signed a two year agreement worth almost $1.5 million aimed at increasing food and nutrition security in the conflict-ravaged African nation.

Liu Zhongwei, Coordinator of the FAO-China SSC programme, illustrates priority interventions and implementation strategy.

Introducing South-South and Triangular Cooperation


South-South Cooperation (SSC) at FAO is a powerful tool to facilitate partnerships, foster innovations, and promote the scaling-up of development solutions. SSC Officers explain the strategy and goals in this short film.

Cooperación Sur-Sur en nutrición entre Chile, Guayana y Jamaica


FAO a través de las oficinas país de Chile, Guayana y Jamaica, facilitó que los ministros de salud de los tres países conversasen sobre el hilo conductor de la nutrición en los 1000 primeros días de vida.

Summary of FAO – China South-South Cooperation Programme


Summary of FAO – China’s role in facilitating South-South Cooperation Programme.

FAO – China South-South Cooperation Programme


An overview of FAO – China’s role in facilitating South-South Cooperation Programme.

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