Cooperación Sur-Sur y cooperación triangular

Best Practices through South-South Cooperation for Fall Armyworm Management in Africa

Experts say that, in combating Fall Armyworm (FAW) infestations in sub-Saharan Africa, farmers should reduce as much as possible the use of chemical pesticides against which the harmful insects can build resistance, and also because the technique is neither economically nor environmentally sustainable and could present health risks.

Allowing the Fall Armyworm’s natural enemies – predators, parasitoids or pathogens – to build up in affected areas can provide a cost-effective and natural or biological control against the spread of this crop pest, without the damage to human health or the environment that pesticides can cause, the experts said.  

These recommendations were made at an FAO organized workshop in Accra from 18 to 20 July where experts from the Americas shared with colleagues from Africa their knowledge and experiences in combating Fall Armyworm.